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Four Common Power Issues With Speakers

                If you’re experiencing issues with sound quality in your car’s speaker system, it may be one of the four following issues:
1.       Bad connection: No matter the set-up, whether to an amp or receiver, check for loose or disconnected cords.
2.       Poor grounding: A system’s earth wire, when placed in an unstable location, can negatively affect the speakers and cause faulty sound quality. Make sure the wiring is secure and free from becoming easily disconnected. Improper grounding can cause the system to pick up on the vehicle’s alternator, which will cause a buzzing sound while the vehicle is in motion.
3.       Improper installation of amps: Make sure you know and understand the ins and outs of amps, as they greatly impact the sound performance of your system. When installing, make sure you read the instructions and know how to properly operate the amp. Check all connections and make sure you enable the right settings for your system.
4.       Busted Speakers: The problem may be as simple as your speakers have reached the end of their run. Check behind the speaker cover for any visible signs of damage. If your speakers are blown, the only option is to replace them with newer ones.

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