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Common Problems with Subwoofers

                Subwoofers enhance the quality of sound within our car’s stereo system. While there are many great aspects of this addition, there can be some pesky issues that arise from time to time. Here are some common issues found with subwoofers:
1.       The frequency needs to be lowered. If you receive a great amount of feedback, especially at high frequencies, then it’s time to adjust your frequency level. Experts suggest to use a 50 hz or lower signal.
2.       Interference from other devices. Depending on the quality of your subwoofer, you may experience sound interference from nearby devices plugged into ports within a close proximity of the subwoofer. As expected, the cheaper subwoofers may not be as reliable as the more expensive ones. Do your research, there are many websites online where customers can rate products and offer feedback on what they’ve purchased for their car’s stereo system.
3.       The speakers don’t match the subwoofer. This can cause an inconsistency of sound and distortion.  Look into purchasing a short coil system, speakers that you know will match with the subwoofer, or a better audio connection system. Check the position of the listener too, as that can affect the sound.
4.       Lack of power. If your wiring connection is failing, your subwoofer can easily become damaged if it’s not caught in time. If you’re experiencing issues with your subwoofer quite often, open the back compartment and adjust any loose or faulty wires.

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