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ZSTAT Car Audio


$ 349.00

The ZSTAT Class D amplifier is one of uncompromising design and engineering, incorporating the latest in advanced circuit technology. Our amplifiers display optimum sound with high quality, reliable performance.

ZSTAT amplifiers are designed with advanced craftsmanship using the highest quality components and strict quality control systems. You will get the latest technology in mobile sound, a sound reproduction that has never been more real.

Music is emotion. It is full of power and rhythm, purity and energy, tones and vibrations, joy and vitality.

We make amplifiers and loudspeakers that truly express the magic and fascination of music with love and passion, with precision and knowledge and the absolute ambition to create.

The ZSTAT Class D series offers excellent performance, thanks to design, which focuses on outstanding sound quality and ease of installation.

  • RMS @ 4 Ohm (<1%Distortion): 1 x 250 Watts
  • RMS @ 2 Ohm (<1%Distortion): 1 x 375 Watts
  • RMS @ 1 Ohm (<1%Distortion): 1 x 550 Watts
  • THD @ 4 Ohm (30% Rated Power): <0.2%
  • Low-Pass Crossover: 40Hz ~ 180Hz

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