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What to look for in a good speaker...

ZSTAT Car Audio: What to Look for in a Good Speaker
By: Ashley Elvington
Whether making a trip to the supermarket or journeying through that road trip across the country that you’ve had on your bucket list, let’s face it – car trips are much more enjoyable with a fully functioning speaker system. If you’re in the market for new speakers, here are some tips to assist you in purchasing the right system for your vehicle.
1.       Before shopping for speakers, it is important to determine the size of the current ones in your vehicle. If you’re unsure as to what size speakers you will need, it is possible to search your vehicle online to determine what size is in your car.
2.       The speakers you purchase must match the audio system in your vehicle – Sensitivity and power handling are crucial in this aspect. If your car has a system of 15 watts RMS per channel or less, speakers with 90+ dB will work perfectly. If your system has 16 watts RMS or more, a speaker with lower sensitivity will be needed. Low powered systems don’t require speakers with high power handling; however, powerful external amps will need speakers whose power handling matches the output of the amps.
3.       The choice usually comes down to full-range speakers and component speakers.
a.       Full Range – These are all-in-one (woofer, tweeter, and oftentimes a midrange or supertweeter). These are the most common speakers used to replace factory speakers and come in various sizes that fit into the location of factory speakers with ease. Prices depend upon the model chosen. This the cheaper option of the two.
b.      Component – Whereas Full Range is all-in-one, Component has separate woofers, tweeters, and external crossovers. With this type, your music can sound as if you are right there at the front of the stage, thanks to this speaker system being more elaborate than Full Range. However, Full Range can also provide a more “up close and personal” experience with your music should you use to replace your door speakers with pivoting tweeters.
4.       Make sure the speakers you choose are made of high quality materials. Speakers consisting of low grade materials will deteriorate over time, eventually causing you to need a new system sooner rather than later. You want to purchase speakers that will stand the test of time and will be worth every penny spent.
a.       Speakers with rubber surrounds are known for long “shelf lives,” as well as offering outstanding quality of sound.
b.      Speakers surrounded by foam and cloth are sub-par to rubber but better in comparison to units surrounded by foam and paper.


No matter your preference, we at ZSTAT Car Audio are here to help. Give us a call today and transform your system into something spectacular for every mile traveled.

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