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Common Mistakes When Installing a Sound System

For those of us who love music, it’s always a good day when we purchase a new sound system for our vehicle. We can’t wait to get everything plugged in and wired so that we can cruise the highway listening to our favorite songs. There are some mistakes that are commonly made, however, during the installation process.

  1. Using the incorrect wiring or incorrect power source. While it’s important to buy the right speakers and amps for your vehicle, they’re useless without the right power source. You can’t expect a high powered piece of equipment to operate at premium level with a weak power source or poor wiring behind it.
  2. Failing to focus on frequency response. So many want to focus on volume when it comes to sound systems. If you love for your music to play louder than the usual driver, you’ll want equipment that has the proper frequency response range.
  3. Choosing the wrong settings. Although every sound system comes with a suggested setting, it may not be the best for what you’re looking to achieve in sound. Know how to adjust your settings to not only what fits your preference, but also what works best with the system you have. You wouldn’t want to blow your speakers or experience sound interference/disturbance.
  4. Trying to play compressed audio through your system. This isn’t an installation issue; however, it will still cause a disturbance in the quality of sound if you use audio that is compressed to a lower bit rate than 256 kbps.
  5. Letting someone who is inexperienced install your system. While it’s always best to have a professional install the sound system, some choose to let their friend or family member do the work if they don’t want to themselves. You might as well save the headache and let a professional install the system so the job not only gets done, but it also gets done the way it should be completed.

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