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Choosing the Best Sub-woofers for your Car

The key to any complete car speaker system is a sub-woofer. Perfect for the deep, bass-thumping, window-rattling pulses, adding a sub-woofer is the perfect way to enjoy your music during your commute, road trip, or any other automobile adventure. There is a sub-woofer for any car, and here we are going to break down the best of them.

BOSS Audio Systems CXX8 8 Inch Car Subwoofer

This sub-woofer from BOSS Audio Systems is the perfect intro-level sub-woofer for anyone who wants to step up their car sound system game without breaking the bank. At just $25, it is within the budget of many car owners, and its small size makes it easy to use, transport and will fit well into the previous speaker cavity, making this a convenient and affordable option.

It has a rubber design, which makes it durable, and the voice coil has been designed to handle the duress of high temperatures. All this goes to show that although this is an inexpensive option, it is not cheaply made, and will handle all that is requested of it.

JBL Club 1024 10" Selectable Smart Impedance Subwoofer 

JBL may be known for their headphones and portable Bluetooth speakers, but that should just add to their credibility, as the Club 1024 is an excellent option for those who can fit it within their budget. While certainly a step up in price, the JBL offers many premium features, without adding significantly to the price, with the likes of the sub-woofers later on in the article.

As a 10 inch sub-woofer, it does not demand a significant amount of space, and should easily find a space in any automobile. This sub is also made from a rubber casing, ensuring that it is durable, and will handle all the vibrations it emits from its bass-thumping.

Finally, one of the highlights is its ability to change its impedance between 2 and 4 ohms of resistance. This means you can more finely tune the subwoofer to your liking, and again ensures that it will last over time.

Kicker 41L7154 15" Q-Class L7 Subwoofer 

The sub-woofer from Kicker is for those who want the very best. At $500, you are getting what you pay for, and anyone who purchases this will be well rewarded with a massive cone area, deep, ear-rattling base, and rock-solid design quality. One of the highlights of this sub is the massive cone area, however, unlike most sub-woofers, which have circular cones, this one has a square area (think more of like a pyramid than a cone).

This means that a square with a similar diameter to that of a circle will have more area, therefore pushing more air, resulting in a deeper, louder, stronger bass. This sub-woofer is highly acclaimed, and has won awards at conventions like CES.

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