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Quality Systems: Secured Automotive Assets
Your car is a valuable asset and it is worth protecting. The average quality car alarm system is an electronic device that has the ability to secure your automotive assets. It is installed right in a vehicle.

Discouraging any potential thieves from breaking into it is the outcome of a quality car alarm system. This system can be viewed as an alert or a warning call because it will emit a very loud sound when the triggers are set off. A very high-volume sound will stop a thief in their tracks.

This will happen when the alarm is active in the car. It has sensors that will send a signal to the alarm. Once the lock is open, the thief will try to enter the vehicle. The average car alarm system is not difficult to install with good instruction or professional assistance.

Six Features on a Car Alarm System
Every car alarm system has its own unique features that will keep your car secure from potential theft. This type of system can be viewed as an investment toward your car safety. There are some common features that come with the average car alarm system:

1. remote unlocking and anti-carjacking; the anti-carjack feature will make sure a thief gets caught and abandons a car. It may be part of a complete system or it may stand alone. The goal of it is to have a thief abandon the car without any damage. The remote unlocking allows the car owner to lock and unlock the door of the car. Any distance and without keys. This is done by sending a request to a vehicle

2. shock sensors; this will sound the alarm when a car is hit or when someone attempts to break into it. The sensor will detect any impact on the body of a car

3. Smartphone compatibility; Smartphones can be integrated into the actual car alarm system. A car can be controlled from a Smartphone. This is done with a system integrated app. A phone can be turned into an extra remote. This allows for car monitoring from various distances. Some units offer added features that will text or email the car owner in the event of a security breach. Some will offer a tracking feature (GPS) that will be useful in case a car is stolen

4. Two-way remote system; Many car alarm systems come with only a one-way remote and it will allow the car owner to unlock and lock the doors of the car and to disarm the alarm. This is done by sending a signal to the alarm system. This is the one-way feature.

The two-way system will have the ability to receive and send signals. They will offer a visual display in order to provide visual feedback. It will notify a car owner if anything is turned on in the car. The engine, AC and radio are included in the feedback.

5. Encrypted transmission; this is good for some of the tech-savvy thieves who may have the ability to disarm a system. This alarm system will have the ability to differentiate between remote systems and authentic signals. It will signal from any hacker's equipment

6. Auxiliary outputs; this will allow the owner to expand the output capabilities with extra security features. It may include window controls

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